Version 8.1.6

vintrace Beta

Major new features

Fixes and improvements

  • Added Malo state and Description columns to the Vessels page


Other significant enhancements

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where the unit price is reset when a quantity is entered in a sales order
  • Fixed the issue where a user is able to backdate a wine declaration from the Wine Declaration Console.
  • Fixed the issue when using List to add barrels, it doesn’t warn if the barrel doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed the issue where adhoc name clears when you add a new line item below it in the Purchase order.
  • Fixed the error on selecting Reset option in Ownership transfer dropdown.
  • Fixed the issue where Stock Purchase Order is missing a space on it in the subject line of the email form.
  • Fixed the error in the Standard Cost Activity report.
  • Fixed the issue where first print of a work order as .docx displays the print template tokens.
  • Show the most recent values for each metric on printed lab sheet from Lab Console.
  • Enforced minimum password length of eight characters for new cloud print account.
  • Updated the TTB Loss Reason for TTB – Wine spirits addition to Produced by addition of spirits (US only).
  • Fixed the scheduled jobs and stock receivals links on viewing a purchase order.
  • Fixed the issue where a very small loss gain showed a loss of 0 gal on a transfer.
  • Added new token {{procedure}} to include Procedure Information from Product Treatment on additive work order printed templates.
  • Show received weight instead of booked weight on a printed extraction work order if fruit is already received. New token {{bookedWeight}} is available to show the booked weight.
  • Added duplicate check on reference field when saving a sales order.
  • Fixed the issue where packaging operation is not taking the scrap value on the Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Fixed the issue where the barrel group configuration option is appearing for tanks.
  • Fixed the issue where the Export Barrel Registry to CSV takes long time.
  • Fixed the issue where in the Transaction Summary report shows a press cycle leave some volume in source tank but the batch is not populated.
  • Fixed the issue where Extraction work orders displays an Extraction type is not set error message if the batch/vessel has been changed.
  • Fixed the issue where completing a press cycle work order created from a work order template is showing an error.
  • Fixed the issue where saving a Tank/Barrel saved search in the old vessel search saves it as the wrong vessel type.

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