How do I set our company address to appear on Purchase Orders and Sales Orders?

When you issue/print a new Purchase order or Sales Order and want to include your company address, there are two locations that you’ll want to update.

First, locate your company listing in the address book:address-book-32x32 Address Book - Advanced button from company listing

Click the Advanced button; select the Addresses tab – Billing Address.

Address book - filled in Billing Address

Fill in the address details and save.

Now head into Winery setup – Infrastructure – Winery. Select your winery (if you have a multi-winery set-up each of those will be listed here.)

Select the Client Billing tab and type in or search for your winery/billing company.

Once selected, the address shown as your billing address will be populated from the Address Book.

Address Book - set billing company-address in infrastructure

Now any Purchase orders or Sales order will print with your correct billing address:

Printing billing address on sales order and purchase orders

For information for uploading your Company logo for inclusion in Bills of Lading, weigh tags, etc., please click here.

Transfer to barrel group

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

This article will show you how to perform a transfer to barrel group operation in the updated barrel group workflow for version 6.1.1.

In the transfer to barrel group operation screen, click on the add icon in the Transfer to Barrel Group section.

transfer to bg 1

This brings up the Barrel Group [CREATE] screen. Add barrels to the barrel group by clicking on either of the 3 buttons: Search, List, or Add line.

transfer to bg 2

In the following example, we have added 5 barrels and the fill state is automatically set to Full. This means that at the end of the operation, all the barrels will be full.  Then click on Save button.

transfer to bg 3

This will take you back to the transfer to barrel group operation screen. Click on Now+Save button to complete the transfer.

transfer to bg 4


New workflow for creating Work orders (Cellar notes)

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1 and updated in Version 6.3.1

From File menu, you now have 3 options:

  • Work order from template
  • Work order from writer
  • Inventory note from writer

File menu

Work order from template

Clicking on Work order from template… button will bring up the work order template selection dialog.

Work order from template 1

In this dialog, you can select a work template from a dropdown menu to create a work order from. For more information on work templates, click here.

Work order from template 2

Clicking on Create a manual Work order option will take you to the New Work order screen.

Open work order

Clicking on Create a manual Inventory note option will take you to the New Inventory note screen.

Open inventory note

Clicking on setup icon will take you to Winery Setup – Templates – Work order templates where you can create or update a work template.

Work order from template 5

Work order from writer

Clicking on Work order from writer… in the File menu will bring up the New Work order screen.

Work order from writer

Inventory note from writer

Clicking on Inventory note from writer… in the File menu will bring up the New Inventory note screen.

Inventory note from writer

How do I turn off popup blockers when PDF’s won’t display?

The most common cause of “missing” PDF files (from reports, etc.) is having popup blockers turned on within your browser.

To fix this issue, find Options or Preferences; you may use the following resources for browser-specific guidance:

Also, please double check vintrace isn’t open in a second window where the PDF is just reloading behind the current window you have open.

If you are still having difficulties, please contact us at and include the version of the browser you are using (you can usually find this under your browser’s Help – About).

How do I handle spoiled/dumped fruit already received in the system?

Occasionally, fruit is received in system, but its condition is such that it cannot be used – spoiled, moldy (moudly), jacks/raisined, etc. You may have to dump an entire fruit intake or only a portion.

You will need to do an adjustment to the fruit parcel (not to the Fruit Intake)

To begin, you need to locate the fruit parcel.

Head over to Search – Product Search.

In the drop-down below Product type to search, select Fruit/Parcels.

Prod Sreach - to zero down spoiled fruit

You may use the various search filters to narrow how many fruit parcels are returned. In our example, we want to search through all our 2015 fruit.

Click on the fruit batch.

Hint: If you have a dashlet in your Saved Searches for uncrushed parcels, you may use that to find your fruit to be reduced in weight or zeroed out completely.

When the fruit parcel screen opens, use the Adjust button (looks like a scale measure indicator).

Measurement icon for fruit








When the Measure (Adjustment) screen opens, notice the warning in red.

Dumped Fruit - total loss

If the entire fruit parcel is to be destroyed, enter “0” in the Amount field, then click the Calculator; it will display a total loss (in our example, 3.33T); choose an appropriate reason for the loss.

Enter a date and time and save.

Your “complete loss” fruit parcel now looks like this:

Dumped Fruit - total loss

If only a portion of the parcel was ruined, simply enter in Amount the weight that will be left intact (1.5T or 3000 pounds). Once again, click the Calculator; it will display the partial loss (in our example, 3660 pounds); choose an appropriate reason for the loss.

Enter a date and time and save.

Dump Fruit - partial

Your “partial loss” fruit parcel now looks like this:

Dump Fruit - partial


What is a Program?

The main purpose of a Program is to be able to provide additional detail or classifications for a batch. Typically this might be because a wine batch is being used for a particular brand, etc., but can also be used to record a designated variety/vintage/region/block for wine batches as well as the designated winemaker. This gives you a further level of classification for your wine batches, and searching based on Program in the Product Search allows you to select multiple criteria at once.

Previously, when searching on vintage/variety/region in VINx2, we would return all wines that have a matching composition (e.g. if you topped some of your 2009’s with a little 2010, the 2009’s would start getting returned in a 2010 search).  The designated fields on a Program give you the option to search on these designated values which won’t change based on toppings and blends.

Setting up a Program

Programs are set up in Winery Setup – Workflow – Programs.

Program details

You may set as many or as few Program values as you wish. In this case, we did not set a Designated Variety because we are putting all 2015 Reserve wines made by Mr. Gilchrist into a single Program.

Another example: if you want to track all Pinot Noirs across all vintages, you would create a Program called “Pinots – All Vintages”, set the Designated Variety to “Pinot Noir”; you may then assign one or more Pinot Noir batches to that Program.

Assigning a Program to a batch

You can assign a wine batch to a Program either upon the batch creation or by locating the batch in the Product Overview, clicking the Pencil to the right of Batch and then selecting an existing Program (you can also add a new Program from here with the [+] button).

new pord over view for adding prog

Searching for wine/juice using a Program filter

Once the Program has been set up and wine/juice added to it, you may use either the Stock Report or Product Search screens to perform searches.

Prod Search with Prog

By clicking the [+] button to the right of the Program Filter, the Search by Program screen will open.

You may use Search by Program or Search Programs by properties (but not both).

Click the appropriate radio button(s), then select one or more attributes from the same In column.

Prog - search screen

Search by Program is self-explanatory, but notice that in addition to the Program properties on the right, you may also search on a Name or Winermaker (if assigned).

Click OK when you are done; when you return to the Product Search, click Search.

What do the different colors in the Fruit Console indicate?

The Fruit Intake Console has different colors for the different statuses of a fruit booking.

White: Scheduled booking but no fruit received
Light Green: Underway booking. Fruit has been received.
Dark Green: Completed
Purple: Confirmed

Fruit Intake with color bands

You may manually edit the booking status by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of the Arrive button, and select Edit.

Fruit Intake - Edit Status of Booking


Use the Booking status drop down to adjust, then Save.

Copying a fruit booking

Sometimes it is handy to be able to copy a Fruit booking without having to start from scratch.

For example, an additional load of fruit ends up being harvested and you need to bring in the new amount on a different day. Unless you have the multi-load option turned on, copying a Fruit booking is simple.

From your Fruit Intake Console, locate the fruit booking you want to copy.

Copy booking1a

Select Copy from the drop down arrow to the right of Arrive.

Copy booking1

Notice that a new booking # has been assigned but all other details exactly duplicate the original. You may want to change the expected delivery date and the tonnage anticipated.

Copy booking2

Once saved, you can now receive the fruit; use the Arrive button.

Since it is unlikely that these two parcels will be identical in every detail, you may edit your new parcel to reflect its particulars.

Copy booking3

Copy booking4