How do I handle spoiled/dumped fruit already received in the system?

Occasionally, fruit is received in system, but its condition is such that it cannot be used – spoiled, moldy (moudly), jacks/raisined, etc. You may have to dump an entire fruit intake or only a portion.

You will need to do an adjustment to the fruit parcel (not to the Fruit Intake)

To begin, you need to locate the fruit parcel.

Head over to Search – Product Search.

In the drop-down below Product type to search, select Fruit/Parcels.

Prod Sreach - to zero down spoiled fruit

You may use the various search filters to narrow how many fruit parcels are returned. In our example, we want to search through all our 2015 fruit.

Click on the fruit batch.

Hint: If you have a dashlet in your Saved Searches for uncrushed parcels, you may use that to find your fruit to be reduced in weight or zeroed out completely.

When the fruit parcel screen opens, use the Adjust button (looks like a scale measure indicator).

Measurement icon for fruit








When the Measure (Adjustment) screen opens, notice the warning in red.

Dumped Fruit - total loss

If the entire fruit parcel is to be destroyed, enter “0” in the Amount field, then click the Calculator; it will display a total loss (in our example, 3.33T); choose an appropriate reason for the loss.

Enter a date and time and save.

Your “complete loss” fruit parcel now looks like this:

Dumped Fruit - total loss

If only a portion of the parcel was ruined, simply enter in Amount the weight that will be left intact (1.5T or 3000 pounds). Once again, click the Calculator; it will display the partial loss (in our example, 3660 pounds); choose an appropriate reason for the loss.

Enter a date and time and save.

Dump Fruit - partial

Your “partial loss” fruit parcel now looks like this:

Dump Fruit - partial


What do the different colors in the Fruit Console indicate?

The Fruit Intake Console has different colors for the different statuses of a fruit booking.

White: Scheduled booking but no fruit received
Light Green: Underway booking. Fruit has been received.
Dark Green: Completed
Purple: Confirmed

Fruit Intake with color bands

You may manually edit the booking status by clicking the drop down arrow to the right of the Arrive button, and select Edit.

Fruit Intake - Edit Status of Booking


Use the Booking status drop down to adjust, then Save.

Recording seasonal block and viticulture assessments

With version 5 of VINx2 we have introduced the concept of Block Assessments.

Block Assessments can be found in the Assessments tab on the Block Overview.

The purpose of a block assessment is to record information that may change against a block from season to season as well as information that may change within a season (such as estimated harvest dates and tonnages).

Clicking the New Assessment button allows you to record an assessment.


This screenshot shows an assessment (with all fields filled out):


Even though there are a lot of field, only 3 are required for each assessment you make: Vintage (the vintage/season the assessment is for), Assessment Date (the date the assessment was made), and Assessed By (who made the assessment; not necessarily the person who is entering the data).  All other fields are optional.  If a field has been supplied it will help build the Season information for the Block.  The following is a brief rundown of what the optional fields relate to:

  • Harvest Method – The preferred harvest method for the block this year
  • Producing Forecast – The tonnage the block will be producing this year
  • Available Forecast – The tonnage that will be available for you to make wine from (which may be different to the total amount being produced)
  • Expected Harvest Date – The optimum harvest date this year
  • Earliest Harvest Date – The earliest date that the block can be harvested (there may be a withholding period after certain sprays are applied)
  • Intended Use – A user defined list of what you intend to use the fruit from this block for.  An example might be a particular style of wine
  • Grading – The assessed quality of the fruit
  • Expected Program – The Program you’re anticipating this fruit to go into
  • Contract – You can select a specific Grower Contract for a block for a given season here
  • Spray Report Received – The date a spray report was received for the block
  • Spray Report – A handy place to store the spray report for the block
  • Capital Block – Is the block part of a capital project?
  • Capital Project Number – A reference number for the capital project if applicable
  • Expected Crush Site – the winery where you expect to crush this fruit
  • Inactive – Effectively ignores details from this Block Assessment when building seasonal information for the block
  • Comments – any additional free-text information

You can make any number of assessments for a block within a season.  Each time you record an assessment, any fields you supply will be used to help build the seasonal information against the block.  For instance, if one of the viticulture team is inspecting a block for quality and to make some harvest estimates, they can submit an assessment just including the Grading and the Producing / Available Forecast.  When the assessment is submitted, VINx2 will update the related fields on the Seasonal tab with this information and leave the others as is.  This allows you to build up your seasonal information for a block as you go along, rather than being required to record the details all in one go.  Information from the Seasonal tab will be used as default selection options when creating Bookings in VINx2.

The Assessments tab contains a record of all the assessments that have been made the selected vintage.  Clicking the View option will allow you to see what was recorded at the time.  Users with sufficient permissions will also be allowed to correct an already submitted assessment in here as well.


How do I fix the wrong detail on a fruit intake?

It’s easy to correct most things on a fruit intake such as the wrong weight, wrong fruit source information or even the truck/delivery details.

Open the Fruit Intake Console, find the fruit intake using the search options, click the down arrow and select Completed intakes > Correct. To remove an incorrectly entered intake you can the Reverse option

All other changes are OK even if the fruit is already crushed.