Creating a 702

NOTE: If you are new to vintrace and are preparing to run your first 702 using our report generator, please read “Your first 702“. It contains information on truing up your vintrace beginning balances for the current reporting period with the ending balances from your previous 702 (externally produced).

Creating a 5120.17 report (702) is, by itself, an extremely simple process. Head into the Reports menu (the bar chart icon at the bottom of the screen) – Government Reports – TTB Report of Wine Premises Operations

702 - Q3 set up

Note the different set up options:

  • Year – you’ll usually want the current calendar year, but you may run it for periods in prior years.
  • Period selections:
    The TTB website has information on determining how often you need to file your 702 (5120.17).

    • Year Only – for use by those wineries who only file once a year; it will run for the year selected.
    • Monthly – vintrace will default to the previous month. Use the drop down box to choose other months (including the current month). Use this option if you file monthly or as an incremental snapshot that may make it easier to keep all months in a yearly or quarterly filing much more manageable.
    • Quarterly – vintrace will default to the previous quarter. Use the drop down box to choose other quarters (including the current quarter).
    • Custom – Herr you may specify the exact dates you want to run. This is most commonly used to provide granular information when tracking a problem (a two-week period, one week, a single day, etc.).
  • Bond – If you are in a multi-winery environment or need to run a 702 for an AP02 you can select which bond number to generate the report for.
  • Version – This defaults to “Original” but may be changed to “Amended” if you are correcting a report previously submitted.
  • Precision – The number of decimals used for reporting gallons for both bulk and packaged wines.
  • Include inactive stock items – Checked by default. This allows you to report on bottled wines that have been dispatched or any wine that has been deactivated but still needs to be recorded in the report.
  • I plan to submit this 702 to the TTB – set off by default. Please read the disclaimer:

702 Disclaimer

This PDF is editable so you may modify it, including adding explanations on losses, adding spirits or concentrate (which are not reported in our current version), etc.

If you have had to make corrections within vintrace for any line, column or cell within the report, you may re-run the report as many times as necessary until you are satisfied and ready to submit the final version. For information on using the “TTB Breakdown Report” as a tool to trace each 702 entry back to the actual batch or stock code, click here.

Reminder: the use of custom dates which cover smaller and smaller periods is a great tool for locating exactly when an erroneous entry may have occurred. You’ll then know which product and what date to correct. Re-run the report to ensure the results are now correct.

To view the TTB website which has an excellent guide, “Guide to Form 5120.17 “, click here. This guide also includes a line-by-line guide with explanations and a sample report – click here.