Declaring Wine

Until a wine is declared and is considered “produced” or “finished”, it is only carried in the bulk wine section of the 702 (PART VII – IN FERMENTERS END OF PERIOD (Gallons)). There are several ways to declare your wines in vintrace, please see these detailed articles:

Timing wine declaration

The TTB website has a helpful FAQ on when a wine is considered “produced” and, thus, ready for declaration – click here.

Some wineries wait to declare all finished wines (defined as primary and/or malolactic fermentation has stopped and that remains un-bottled) on December 31. If you have questions about when to declare a bulk wine, please confer with your Compliance officer, legal adviser or the TTB itself.

All wine must be declared before bottling or blending with an already-declared wine.

Fixing an incorrect wine declaration

There are number of reasons that a wine can be declared accidentally with the incorrect tax class and/or the wrong bond (most commonly in a custom crush facility).

The most common cause is the premature declaration of tax class and bond when prompted during a change in alcohol %.

By default, vintrace prompts you to make a declaration when you an an alcohol value after press or when you stop the fermentation on a wine in alcoholic fermentation.

Tax class declaration dialog box

You select “Ignore” to skip declaration; select “OK” to accept the declaration and “Cancel” to go back to your previous screen.

You have the option to turn off this automatic prompting for declarations by changing the setting called “Skip wine declaration” (in Winery setup – Workflow – Defaults – Production) to “Yes”. This may help you prevent any accidental declarations. 


Otherwise, to un-declare a wine that was incorrectly declared you can use the Rollback feature to achieve this. You will need to find the operation that caused the declaration and rollback before that point. If a rollback is not feasible due to the amount of work performed then please contact support.