Setting a Tax Class by Alcohol Analysis or Product Treatment

The first option is to record an Analysis of alcohol against the wine. Upon confirming the analysis you will be prompted with the tax class selection screen.

Tax class declaration from lab console

Note: if you have turned off the declaration switch in your winery setup, this dialog box will not appear. Please click here for the article on using the Declaration console.

The second option is to set up a Product Treatment in Winery Setup – Treatments – Treatment (Product). You can tick the change tax state which then allows you to set the tax class and the reason for change.

You will need to create one Product treatment for each tax class and class change reason (Produced by fermentation is the most common). For the typical winery, you’ll want the first 2 classes, the 3rd being optional.

Product Treatment - change tax class - 3

Note: you have to set an option for both the tax class and the reason. You can then record this treatment on the wine you want to declare.