Invoice generation report

The Invoice generation report can be used for 2 purposes and it is important that you understand the difference.

To locate this report, please head into Winery Reports – Client Billing.

By default, the setup screen has the Reprint invoices only checked. Based on the filters you select, the system will generate a csv with the details of the invoices selected laid out in table (spreadsheet) format, as shown below:
Invoice Generating Report Setup

Invoice Generation Report - not re-print

If you choose the pdf output, the system will reprint all invoices which have been generated within the specified filters/dates:

Invoice Generation Report - re-print all as pdf

If you uncheck the Reprint invoices only checkbox the system will create an invoice with any uninvoiced charges.

Note: Invoices generated here are final and cannot be reversed. Please ensure that you have reviewed all charges and marked any that you don’t want on the invoice to be skipped.