Dip measurements mini template tags

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

Description: Inserts a table of the dip measurements for a tank.

Default mini template filename: DipMeasurements_MiniTemplate.docx

Tag to use this mini template inside the main template: {{VesselDetails}}

Please note that the {{VesselDetails}} tag only shows the dip measurement mini template if the vessel/container type is a tank.

Templates that use this mini template:

  • Additive
  • Bulk wine intake
  • Extraction
  • Measurement
  • Multi additions
  • Multi topping
  • Multi transfer
  • Multi transfer (multi to single)
  • New bulk dispatch
  • Press cycle
  • Rack and return
  • Tirage
  • Transfer/rack/blend


Below is the list of tags that can be used within a Dip measurements mini template.

{{TableStart:VesselDetails}}*Start of the vessel details
{{beforeDip}}The dip value before operation
{{beforeVol}}The volume before operation
{{afterDip}}The dip value after operation
{{afterVol}}The volume after operation
{{TableEnd:VesselDetails}}*End of the vessel details