Packaging (Bottling) Operation

Packaging is the operation by which we bottle. You may package to either a single bottle (recommended option – you’ll create the cases later) or package directly to a case.

You may start by finding the bulk wine you’ll be using from the Product Overview – Operations button – Packaging; from the menu Operations – Packaging, or from a new Work Order – Operations button – Packaging.

Here is a step by step guide to packaging to your chosen stock item, in this case a single bottle:

Pkg - bom and pkg to bottle

  1. Fill in the “from” vessel or batch
  2. Fill in the “out” gallons (you don’t have to bottle the entire tank at one time)
  3. Fill in the stock code for your single bottle stock item.
  4. Click the Calculator button. This does three things:
    1. calculates Volume packaged
    2. calculates the quantity being packaged (#4 above)
    3. calculates the loss (if any)
  5. You may change the number of bottles by editing the Quantity (#4)
    1. Re-click the Calculator button to update the other related fields.
  6. Route your packaged bottles by clicking the Forklift icon.
  7. Check you loss, enter the Loss reason, and choose your Bottling line (optional).
  8. If you have batch tracking turned on, choose or create a batch using the Look up or Add New icons.
  9. Enter the time and date.

Save the packaging.

Note: once you have packaged your single bottles, you will need to use the Manufacture operation to turn them into cases. Click here for the article on the Manufacture operation.