Different purchase types

This article assumes that you understand the basics of managing purchase orders and synchronising purchase orders with Xero.

There are five types of purchase orders that you can raise in vintrace:

  • General – these items are generic and won’t have impact on your stock levels such as pens, papers, other office supplies, etc.
  • Adhoc – is a generic item that does not need to be pre-defined as in the case of a general item. An example would be adding a service for electrical contractor for repairs to switchboard.
  • Stock –  these items link directly to inventory/stock that where you track the stock levels in vintrace such as bottles, caps, corks, additives, etc.
  • Barrel – these items are linked to the barrel categories you have defined in vintrace and allow you to raise a purchase order for a particular type of barrel.
  • Bulk wine – these items are linked to a bulk stock of a wine batch.

Purchase 1

 Purchasing General Items

Purchase Order General items are defined in Winery setup – Procurement – General items. The stock levels are not tracked for these items in vintrace.

Purchase 2

In the example below, the general item is linked to an Expense account.

Purchase 2.1

Purchase 3

Purchasing Adhoc Items

In the scenario where you want to purchase a general item that you haven’t defined yet, like purchasing a service for an electrical contractor for repairs to switchboard, you can use the Adhoc option in the purchase order. These items will then be created as a general item when you save the work order.

Purchase 8

The Adhoc item is converted into a general item after the purchase order is saved.

Purchase 9

When you open the purchase order again, the Adhoc item is changed to General item.

Purchase 10

Purchasing Stock Items

Creating purchase orders for stock items will influence stock commitments. Please click here for more information.

In the example below, a purchase order is raised for bottling supplies that are linked to an Asset account.

Purchase 6

Purchase 7

As an alternative example below, we are purchasing chemical additions that are expensed.

Purchase 4

Purchase 5

Purchasing Bulk Wine

Purchase orders for bulk wine by are linked to the Account set on the Program of the bulk wine if one is set, otherwise, it falls back to the default Work in progress account.

Purchase 12

Purchase 13

Purchasing Barrels

Purchase orders for barrels by are linked to the Account set on the Barrel category, otherwise, it falls back to the default Asset account.

Purchase 14

Purchase 15