Manufacture operation

The Manufacture operation allows you to build complex stock items from packaged goods.

The difference between packaging and manufacturing is that packaging involves, at the minimum, a bulk wine and is based upon stock item(s) built into BoMs. The manufacture operation is based on BoMs being combined (single bottle packagings into cases, building palletized packaged goods for shipping, etc.)

Manufacture single bottles directly to cases

This allows you to take an existing single-bottle packaged stock item (which contains the bulk wine component) and manufacture it directly into cases.

Here’s what a simple one looks like:

Mfg - single btl to direct to case

We took 1200 single bottles (already packaged) and created 100 cases.

Other uses of the Manufacture operation

The Manufacture operation also allows you to:

  • Label cleanskins/shiners – click here.
  • Add components to an existing packaging (below)
  • Palletize cases for dispatch (below)

Add components to an existing packaging

Once set up, you can only change a Bill of Material if you have not yet packaged it. However, there are situations that require you to add components to a packaging, but you don’t want to have to reverse a packaging just to add components.

In addition to labeling cleanskins/shiners, among the situations that might require added components are having cases in temporary cartons (awaiting the arrival of the printed cartons and special dividers); needing to add various stickers, such as export neckbands, special award stickers, etc.

First, if you haven’t already done so, create the stock items for the components to be added to our packaging. In our example we are going to add a “Gold Medal Award” sticker to 90 cases of our 10NVCHDEMO/750/X12.

Mfr - create new stock item for stickers

We create the stock item for the new “Gold Medal Award Winning 2010 NV Chardonnay”.

Bottling - create new stock item for gold medal award cases

Go to Inventory – Manufacture or use the Operations button at the bottom of the Stock item overview.

Mfr - Mfr from stock overview

Here’s our completed manufacture operation that added stickers to 90 cases of our 2010 NV Chardonnay.

Mfr - Mfr operation complete

Manufacturing Palletized finished products

When you ship out cases, quite often they are put on pallets. Manufacturing to a pallet is very similar to manufacturing a case:

Create a stock code for the pallet itself (one type or one for each type of pallet that your winery might use for different dispatches)

Mfg - pallet stock item

Let’s palletize 56 12-pack cases (1 pallet) of stock item 14NVCH-DEMO/PLT.

Mfg - case to pallet stock item

Once the stock item has been saved, you can move to the Manufacture operation:

Mfg - full pallet

Enter the date and time stamp and you are ready to save.