Implementation Guide

Congratulations on choosing vintrace, you’ve made a great decision and we’re happy to be working with you. This guide details what you should expect between now and your implementation date.

Schedule a kick-off call

If you haven’t already please ensure you schedule a Project Kick-Off Call with our on-boarding team. On this call we’ll talk through our data migration process and work to schedule your training and go-live date.

Have a sample of some of the bulk wine and inventory data you’ll want to import into vintrace so we can work through this on the call.

Start gathering all your data

By purchasing vintrace you have access to our managed data migration service. With this service you can provide data to us in our Google Sheet format and we will upload it into your brand new vintrace database. We will send you a link to these templates, if you haven’t received these yet Contact Us.

Please review these handy videos with instructions on completing these templates.

Winemaking template instructional video

Example – completing the bulk wine details tab

Bottling and Inventory Template instructional video

Set a cut-off date

As there will be a lead time between us importing the data and your go-live date it’s important you set a clear cut off date. You need to draw a line in the sand and have all your inventory and stock levels up to date as of the cut off date and before sending us your bulk stock and inventory levels.

Important: From this point forward it will be your job to keep accurate records either in your old system or manually for the work performed so this information can be ‘caught up’ in vintrace once the data is loaded and training complete.

You will be required to enter these work-orders into vintrace in order to bring the database in line with the winery in the real-world. For this reason it is important that the stock levels provide to us are accurate and also relatively close to your go live date. We recommend one week prior to go live as this gives us time to scrub and import the data provided.

Make a start on the templates, contact us for help

For the most part the templates are straight forward but the bulk wine composition can be a little tricky. Please note that this section is mandatory for all bulk wines that you wish to import.

You will notice three composition methods. It’s important you choose one of these for each individual wine but you can mix and match the method across all of your wines. If you have trouble understanding this section please be sure to contact us.

Before you start completing the templates please contact us to discuss any questions you may have. It’s great if you can raise these on the kick off call.

A note about data conversion from other systems

All data migration is done via our templates. If you are currently using a different system we do not off any direct conversions from these systems to our templates however some systems have a number or reports that make it very easy to get this information. Contact us to discuss the system you have and if we’ve had experience in converting exports from those in the past.

Go-Live  and Training

In order to maximize the benefit of your training sessions it is important you keep your schedules clear of all other work so as to ensure you get the most out of the time we spend with you either onsite or online.

Naturally every implementation is different and we can work with you to plan the sessions ahead to suit your needs. Its important to ensure the relevant stakeholders are available for the sessions and free of as many distractions as possible.

Post Training Follow up

During training we may identify tasks that remain outstanding, this may included data that was missed during the migration process or the catching up Work orders yet to be completed. Depending on the nature of the task it will be something we are responsible for or you may be required to complete. We will identify this as part of a follow up email or call.

Generating your first TTB Report (‘702’) (for US Customers only)

If you are located in the USA and have started using vintrace during a TTB reporting period, please take a look at at this FAQ which gives you some guidance on how to produce your first TTB Report (‘702’) using vintrace.

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  1. Do we need to do a save as to do our entries? It seems a little tiresome to not be able to edit the one you sent us.

    • Hi Allan,

      Please make sure you’ve extracted the Excel files from the Zip file and then make sure they aren’t marked as read-only by going into the file properties (Right click on windows). Some versions of windows may block Excel files from other computers so be sure to click Enable editing in Excel (usually a button at the top).

      If you are still having any problems with the files please email us here at for further assistance.

      Kind regards


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