Completing work orders that have data coming from the app

This feature was added in vintrace Version 7.1.1

Once a work order has been submitted by the cellar hand from the app, the job status becomes Submitted in vintrace web application. You can complete the work orders as you normally would by clicking on the Complete button on the job.

Complete 1

Once you click on Complete and the data submitted by the cellar hand is different from the one that was originally scheduled by the winemaker, there will be a warning dialog that will show the data differences.

New barrels were scanned by the cellar hand

When there are new barrels scanned by the cellar hand from the app that do not exist in vintrace web application yet, a warning dialog is shown that there are barrels that are not currently in vintrace.

The warning dialog will show you the barrel code and an option on what you want to do with this barrel. You can select an existing barrel in vintrace by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon or typing a barrel name and selecting a matching barrel.

New barrels 2

Alternatively, you can create a new barrel by clicking on the plus icon and this will bring up the barrel create screen.

New barrels 3

After you have saved the new barrel, it will be pre-populated in the Input field.

New barrels 4

After you have made all your selection/input, click on Save button to proceed to the operation screen.

New barrels 5

The barrels you have created will be copied into the barrel group.

New barrels 6

New barrels 7

Not all the scheduled barrels are confirmed by the cellar hand

When barrels are specifically set to be emptied or filled on scheduling, and the cellar hand does not check all the barrels from the app, you will get a warning to show the list of barrels that were not confirmed.

In the example below, on an emptying barrels job, the cellar hand did not select 2 out of 10 barrels from the app.

New barrels 10

In this scenario, you need to check with the cellar hand why the barrels were not confirmed.

When you click on Save, then the barrels that were not selected from the app will not be emptied.

New barrels 11

New barrels 12

Additive amount entered by the cellar hand is different from the one that was set on scheduling

When the cellar hand has entered an additive amount that is different from the one that was scheduled, a warning message will be shown. In this scenario, you can consult the cellar hand to verify why the amount is different.

New barrels 8

Clicking on Save will set the value that was entered by the cellar hand into the operation.

New barrels 9