Creating jobs from the Job calendar

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

In countries outside of USA, a Work Order is referred to as a Cellar Note. In keeping with regional terminology differences, please substitute Work Order for Cellar Note below.

You can create a new work order, production job (available in vintrace Enterprise package), general appointment, and fruit booking (available in vintrace Professional package) from the job calendar by clicking on a specific time  when you are in week view.

In the following example, we clicked on 21st July 10am in the job calendar.

Clicking on the time brings up the Create event dialog.

Add job to calendar 1

For this example, we will be creating a new work order. Click on New work order button.

Please note that the New fruit booking option is only available for vintrace Professional package while the New production production job option is only available for vintrace Enterprise package.

Click new work order

In the New Work order dialog, click on Create a manual Work order link.

Note: If you want to select a work template to create a work order, please refer to the Using work templates article.

Add job to calendar 2

This will bring up the New Work order screen and drops in the selected date from the calendar to the Schedule work for field. Click the Add job button.

Add job to calendar 3

Click on Additive to add an additive task to the work order.

Add job to calendar 4

The scheduled date and time is the date and  time where you clicked in the job calendar in week mode. For month mode, only the scheduled date will be populated with the selected date from the calendar and time will be set to 00:00.

Enter any required fields on the operation screen and then click on Add to work order button.

Add job to calendar 5

Click on Save button to create the new work order.

Add job to calendar 6

The newly created work order appears on the job calendar. All jobs will have a default duration of 2 hours. You can drag and drop the job to change the date and time. Please click here for more information on moving and resizing jobs.

Add job to calendar 7