Accounts menu

Manage the setup and administration of Accounting-related functions in vintrace including Sales and Purchase orders, Costing and integration to a third-party General Ledger.

  • Set-up Manage your vintrace sub-ledger chart of accounts in here.
  • Costs admin A central view of costing information that allows you to see the linked operation that caused the cost and make reversals or adjustments in some instances. More details.
  • Cost allocation process a cost allocation across your products based on their quantity at a certain date or the quantity multiplied by the time that product was in the winery. For example; you may wish to allocate Overheads such as utilities to your products and this console allows you to do that manually, via search or by uploading your own spreadsheet. More details.
  • Accounts sync for automatic accounts integration to software such as Xero, use this function to sync ledger entries, sales orders and purchase orders between vintrace and the third party system. More details for Xero.
  • Manual journals record manual journal entries for you vintrace configured sub-ledger accounts.
  • Grower contracts setup and manage your Grower Contracts and payment schedules for fruit you have agreed to purchase from third-party growers or even yourself.
  • Sales orders access a list of sales orders
  • Purchase orders access a list of purchase orders

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