Job management

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.3.1

The new Job management feature allows you to manage all your outstanding work orders in a central place. You can create, view, and edit work orders from this console. It also allows you to search for work orders based on different filters such as Assigned to, work order status, operation type, batch, equipment, etc.

This new feature supersedes the “Scheduled Task Worklist” of previous versions however this is still available for a temporary time under the Consoles menu.

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Accessing the Job management console

You can access the console by clicking on the clipboard icon in the Quick Launch bar.

Quick launch

Alternatively, you can click on the Consoles menu – Job management.


Job management console filters

On the left hand side of the Job management console, you will see options to search for work orders based on either the TWL# or filters such as Work order status, Operation type, Scheduled date, Assigned to, Issued by, and Work order category.

basic filter

Clicking on the Advanced button brings up  the Advanced filter options such as Equipment, Batch, Note indicators, Owner, and Winery (only applicable for multi winery mode).

advanced filters

A breakdown of the number of work orders per status is available at the top of the console. Clicking on each one will show the list of work orders per status. For more information on the different work order statuses, please click here.

status summary

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Creating, viewing, and editing work orders from Job management console

To create a work order, click on New Work order button on the bottom of the screen.

create work order 1

This will bring up the New work order dialog.

New wokr order dialog

To edit a work order, click on the Edit button on the work order strip.

edit work order 1

This will bring up the [UPDATE] Work order screen.

edit work order 2

To view a work order, click on the dropdown arrow beside the Edit button on the work order strip, then click on View.

view work order 1

This will bring up the View work order screen.

view work order 2

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Managing multiple work orders

You can assign, change status, print, or cancel multiple work orders by selecting them and then clicking on Actions button on the lower left corner of the screen, then select the action you want to take. In the example below, we have clicked on Change status button.

change status 1

This will bring up the Change status dialog.

Change status multiple work orders 2

Select the status you want to set the work order to, and then click on Save button.

Change status multiple work orders 3

The statuses of the selected work orders is then changed to Ready.

change status 2

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Exporting list of work orders

You can export the list of work orders by selecting an Export option from the dropdown menu on the bottom of the console. You can export All, Selected, or This page.

export 1

Click on Export Excel.

export 2

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Sorting the work order list

There are 4 different sort order you can select when viewing the work order list:

  • Scheduled date (Old to New) – this is the default sort order for Draft and Ready status
  • Scheduled date (New to Old)
  • Work order (Low to High)
  • Work order (High to Low)

sort 1

For work orders with Completed status you have the additional options to sort them by Completed date:

  • Completed date (New to Old) – default sort order for completed work orders
  • Completed date (Old to New)

sort 2

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