Production Job console

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

The Production Job console is only available in vintrace Enterprise package.

The Production Job console shows a list of your upcoming Production Jobs. You can also calculate the required raw materials and/or create purchase orders from this console.

Accessing the Production Job console

You can access the Production Job console by clicking on Console – Production Job…

Accessing the console

The console

Production Job console filters

On the left hand side of the console, you will see the different filters you can use to control which production jobs will show in the Production Jobs Worklist. You can filter by product, stock item, program, party, start date range, end date range, deadline date range, and status.


In the example below, we added a stock item filter by selecting the stock item “BCF01 750ml”. The production jobs worklist shows all the production jobs that have the stock “BCF01 750ml” in its expected stock list.

Creating a new production job

You can create a new production job by clicking on the New production job button.

This will take you to the [CREATE] Production Job screen.

We recommend that you give a meaningful name to your production job, and enter the start and end dates. In the example below, we have given the name “BCF01 750ml production” and the start date is 1st July and end date is 31st July.

Create production job 1

Next is to click on Add button to add the expected stock to be produced.

Type the name of the stock and select the matching results.

Create production job 2

Alternatively, you can click on the search icon on the stock item and search for a stock item in the search dialog.

Create production job 2a

After the stock item has been selected, input the expected quantity and click on Save.

Create production job 3

The production job you have created is added to the Production Jobs Worklist.

Editing a production job

You can edit an existing production job by clicking on the Edit link on the Production Jobs Worklist.

Viewing materials required for the production job

You can view the materials required for a production job by ticking on the checkbox beside the production job, then clicking on Materials button.

In the example below, we are viewing the required raw materials to produce the stock item “BCF01 750ml” for the “BCF01 750ml production job” that we created earlier. It shows the the number of units required, on hand, committed, on order and available.The materials highlighted in red are the ones that you do not have enough on hand to complete the production job. The ones in green are the ones where there is stock available, and the grey ones are those which are not tracked.

Creating purchase orders for the materials required for the production job

You can create purchase orders for any of the raw materials for your production job. Firstly, select the production jobs you want to see the raw materials list for. In the example below, we have selected 2 production jobs and then click on Materials button.

Create PO 1

You can see all the materials required for the production jobs. Select the stock item you want to create the purchase order for by clicking on the checkbox beside it. Or you can click on Select all materials we require more of button to select all the stock items that are highlighted in red.

Create PO 1a

The vendor field will be automatically populated if you have a preferred vendor set for the stock item.

Create PO 2

You can set the preferred vendor for a stock item by going to the Stock Item Overview of that item, then go to the Vendor Prices tab. Select the vendor you want to set as your preferred vendor. This will be the vendor that appears on the stock item every time you open the Required materials breakdown screen.

Now, let’s go back to creating a purchase order for the stock items that you need in Required materials breakdown screen. If you don’t have a preferred vendor, you can manually select a vendor by typing the vendor name and selecting the matching result.

Create PO 3

After selecting the vendors, click on Create Purchase Order(s) button.

Create PO 4

The purchase orders are created for the stock items you selected and you have the options to view, edit, print, or email the purchase orders.

Create PO 5