Operations menu

You can access all winery operations from the Operations menu. You can enter jobs directly in vintrace without first writing a work order. This menu provides quick access to all the Operations available.

  • Additive: Enter a single addition to a single wine.
  • Admin:
    • Change batch: Change the product batch/lot.
    • Change owner: Change the owner of a product.
    • Import product: A sysadmin function used for the initial import/loadup of your database.
  • Analysis: Enter lab work against a single product.
  • Bulk dispatch: Enter the details of a bulk product dispatch.
  • Bulk wine intake: Enter the details of a bulk product you have received.
  • General task: Enter a general, or non-product related, task. Such as cleaning the floor.
  • Measurement: Enter a volume adjustment on a product.
  • Multi additions: Enter multiple additions to a multiple products.
  • New batch: Create a new batch code.
  • Packaging: Enter the details of a packaging or bottling of finished bulk goods using the inventory module and dry-good items.
  • Sparkling: Customers using the Sparkling module will see the Sparkling menu.
    • Riddling: Enter the riddling start and end dates for wines you have on Tirage.
    • Tirage: Tirage a bulk wine in tank to bottles
    • Tirage admin: Tirage admin allows you to split and move tirage groups within the winery.
  • Start ferment: Manually set the ferment state of a juice to fermenting.
  • Stop ferment: Manually set the ferment state of a wine to fermented.
  • Tasting note: Enter a tasting note against a wine and set the grading scale.
  • Transfers: Transfer operations allow you to move wine from one vessel to another. With the exception of Break barrels all can be used to move all or a partial amount of the contents of the source vessel.
    • Break barrels: Use this operation to break down barrels from a large group to a smaller group and optionally use part of that broken barrel to top the others. Only for use when working within the one barrel group.
    • Multi topping: Use a single vessel (including a barrel group) to top many vessels in the winery.
    • Multi transfer (many-to-one): Transfer the contents of many vessels to a single vessel in the winery, can be used to create a big blend.
    • Multi transfer (one-to-many): Transfer the contents of one vessel to many vessels.
    • Transfer/Rack/Blend: The transfer/rack/blend operation can be used to move product from one vessel to another vessel or barrel group.This operation can be used in various modes including: Transfer, Rack, Blend or Rack and Return or Transfer to Barrel group.
  • Treatments are a way for you to create custom operation types and use them as a standalone operation inline on Transfers and Additions.
    • Treatment (Barrel): Treatments on barrels can update the sanitation state (clean versus dirty), barrel state, retire old barrels or change the location of a barrel.
    • Treatment (Equipment): Use this treatment type for cleaning tanks, presses and other equipment.
    • Treatment (Product): Treatments on a product that the user can use to show events in the history not relevant to other operations in the menu. Examples may be fining or filtering operations. The treatment can also update states of the wine such as Product state, Ferment State and Tax Class (for US customers).
  • Trial Blend: Create a trial blend.
  • Vintage/Harvest
    • Extraction: Extract and press fruit into any fraction types.
    • Intake delivery: Enter the details of fruit arriving at the winery.
    • Press Cycle: Press must fraction types to any fraction types.

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