Bulk wine search

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.3

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The Bulk wine search allows you to quickly locate bulk products by common search criteria such as Batch code, Batch owner, Vintage, etc. Once you have your search results, you can then request lab work, chart lab results, create work orders (cellar notes), and export your results to excel or PDF format. You can also save your search criteria so you can reuse it later.


Accessing Bulk wine search

You can access the Bulk wine search by clicking on Search Menu – Advanced Searches.


This will bring up the Bulk wine search in collapsed mode. Click on More options to show the full expanded mode.



Basic search filters

The following are the basic search filters in the Bulk wine search:

  • Batch code
  • Batch owner
  • Vintage
  • Wine color
  • Designated varietal
  • Designated Sub AVA (Region)
  • Product state
  • Winery (for multi winery mode only)


Adding search filters

You have the option to add more filters by clicking on the Add a filter button then selecting the filter you want to add.

In the example below, we have added the Additive filter.


You can add multiple filters to your Bulk wine search and a description of each filter is provided.


Managing columns in the search results table

After you have selected your filters, click on Search button to see the results in a table format.


You can change the columns displayed in the search results table by clicking on More options


Go to Columns section.


Select the available columns on the left hand side then click on the right arrow button. In the example below, we want to add the Alco state column (Alcoholic fermentation state) to the search results table. Click on Alco state on the right hand side, then click on the right arrow add-column-right-arrow button.


The Alco state moved from “Available” to “Selected” in the right hand side.


When you hit on Search button, the Alco state column will now be available in the search results table.


You can also add metrics (lab results) to the search results table to see the latest results for your products. Click on the metric you want to add from the “Available” section on the left hand side, and then click on the right arrow  add-column-right-arrow  button.  Click on “Include metric dates” checkbox to include the date of the metric.


The Alcohol metric is then moved to the “Selected” section.


When you run the search again, the Alcohol metric and the Alcohol date columns are now available in the search results table.


Requesting lab work, starting transfer operations, creating work orders (cellar notes), and charting lab results from Bulk wine search

Once you have a list of products from your search results, you can request lab work, chart lab results, start transfer operations, and create work orders (cellar notes) by clicking on the products you want to select then click on the Actions button on the lower left corner of the Bulk wine search screen.


You can then select any of the actions available like Lab work, Chart lab results, Operations (Multi topping, Multi transfers, Press cycle, Multi additions), or Work order (Analysis, Measurement, Treatment (Product), Tasting note).



In the example below, we have selected Multi topping.


The Multi topping screen is then brought up, prepopulated with the vessel/batch information of the products that were selected.


Exporting the search results

You have the option to export the bulk wine search results to excel, PDF, tasting sheet, or to a custom report. You can do this by selecting your export preference either All, This Page, or Selected in the lower right corner of the Bulk wine search screen.


Then select the format you want to export the search results either Excel, PDF, Tasting sheet, or Custom reports (for customers with custom reports enabled).


Grouping options are available for the excel and PDF formats of your search results. You can select the Group by options by clicking on More options button then go to Other options section, make a selection, click on the Search button, then export the results.


Below is a sample exported report in PDF that is grouped by Batch owner and Vintage.


Saving search filters in the Bulk wine search

You can save any of your search criteria by providing a name for your search in the Save search as field and then click on the Save button.


You can then use your saved searches by selecting them from the saved search dropdown menu.


Your saved searches can also be saved to the My Searches dashlet by selecting your preferred saved search, and then click on the pin icon pin-icon.


Your saved search will then appear in the My Searches dashlet in your desktop.


You can remove the saved search from My Searches by selecting the saved search clicking on the unpin icon  unpin in the Bulk wine search screen.


Custom search reports

All the saved searches are available in Reports consoleCustom reports.


Clicking on the search icon search-icon or on the report name will bring you to the Bulk wine search screen.


The custom searches that have been saved to My Searches are listed first and have a bold font.


You can also pin or unpin the custom searches from My Searches dashlet by clicking on the corresponding pin pin-icon or unpin icon unpin.