Writing your first work order

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You can write a Work Order while in the Product Overview or the Tank Map but we recommend accessing the option under the File menu. This will launch the Work order screen. Click on the + Add job  button to select the Operation to add to the Work order.
More information on the Work order screen can be found here.

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You can select as many operations as you like and these can be on as many wines as you like. The Note Indicators are extremely useful as the ones you select appear in big and bold typeface on the top of the printed Work rrder. These can be configured under Winery Setup – General – System policy.

In addition to the Note indicators you can enter notes or instructions into the text area at the top.

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Clicking Save as will print the note into Word or PDF depending on the format of note you have configured. More information on configuring custom Work Order layouts can be found here.

Print 1 Print 2

The details of the job can be filled in by your staff and returned for completion in vintrace.

To find your work order so you can complete it:

  • Enter the TWL number shown on the work order into the QuickSearch (include “TWL”).
  • Go to the Product Overview; click on the Tasks tab (which should be marked with an “!”); click on the Complete button.
  • If you have the Barcode Scanner option in vintrace, either type in the barcode number or scan it using your handheld USB scanner.

In order to locate all outstanding Work Orders navigate to the Job management via the Consoles menu or by clicking the clipboard icon from the Quick Launch Bar.

New Work Order icon

To quickly find your outstanding work order, enter the work order number in the TWL# field.

View 1

If you are ready to complete the work order, click the Complete button for each Operation on the Work Order in order to fill in the dips, volumes, any adjustments and the date/time it occurred before clicking Save.

Note: there may be situations in which you need to add or change information on an operation, but aren’t quite ready to complete. Clicking on the Edit button on the work order strip will allow you to edit individual operations on the work order and re-save. This leaves the work in a pending state so you can complete it at a later date.

More information on Job management are available here.

Tip: it’s important to keep the date/time entry of your work in the order in which it happened in the cellar. Some Operations such as Analysis and Additions can be backdated but these are exceptions to the rule. This is important for the integrity of historical blend composition information and government requirements. 

For work orders related to inventory stock in your warehouse you can use the New inventory note option under the File menu. More details on the available inventory actions are available here.

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