Searching for products, vessels, dispatches and stock

In addition to the QuickSearch option you can run detailed searches for items within your vintrace database by accessing the advanced search options under the File -> Search menu

All search options allow you to export the results to Excel or PDF by using the options at the bottom of the search screen. In some cases you can select the results and then perform further operations on them.

  • Dispatch search – find products (bulk and stock) that have been dispatched from your facility and get access to historical information
  • Barrel search – find barrels based on a wide range of criteria
  • Barrel group search – barrel groups are a way for you to group wines together in order to work with them as one virtual vessel rather than each individual barrel. Search for them using this option.
  • Product search – locate bulk products by a large number of criteria. Here’s one such example to create lab requests from a product search.
  • Tank – find tanks using a range of criteria

Note: In order to search for finished good or dry-good Stock items please access the search option under the Inventory menu.

Introduced in Version 5 is a new Search menu:

New Search menu

The Overviews shown are “quick searches” based on key filters for bulk product, stock and block/fruit, respectively.

Three new Overview Searches

In the middle section are the same “classic” searches found under File – Search: Product, Barrel, Tank, Barrel group and Dispatch.

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