Importing and Exporting your data

For new customers starting with a blank database you can use the new Import Wizard located under Tools – Setup – Run import wizard. This wizard provides step by step instructions for configuring your system and importing data yourself.


If all your start-up data has already been loaded for you, you can still use the import and export tools available to you under Winery Setup. For example, if you had a large number of new barrels to import, navigate to Winery Setup – Vessels – Barrels. Select the Import/Export option.2015-08-12_14-28-43

Follow the on-screen instructions. You have the option to download the headers or alternatively export the existing records (if you wish to make bulk changes to existing data).

  • Important
    You must have the “local vintrace admin” rights to do import/exports.
    You must save the file as CSV before attempting to upload.


The system will guide you through the import to ensure all mandatory fields are satisfied, the appropriate fields are mapped and there is no missing dependencies.

By selecting Update existing records the system assumes you have exported existing records and want to make changes to those upon import rather than creating new entries.

By selecting Confirm column header matching you have the opportunity to adjust the default column header matching (if importing from a third party system).

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