The Block Overview

The Block Overview provides a central view for you to manage your block details, fruit sampling and viticulture assessments. Access the Block Overview by searching for a block by code using the QuickSearch or by accessing the Search – Block overview menu.

Using the options on the left you can search by common block properties. Make a selection from the resulting list to see more information about a particular block. Use the New option in the lower left corner to quickly create a new Block, Vineyard or Grower.


The block information is organized into a series of tabs with menu options at the bottom to perform common functions.

Block details – this tab shows key information including the Grower, Varietal and Region (Sub AVA). You can select the edit pencil icon to make adjustments. A chart showing the expected versus received tonnage for the life of this block in the system is also shown.


Advanced details – this tab contains more advanced information that can be tracked against a block. Use the pencil icon to make adjustments. It is broken into the following two main sections: Admin and Agriculture.2015-08-12_10-02-16

Vineyard/Grower – this tab shows detail about the Vineyard and Grower linked to this block, including contact information for the Grower. Use the pencil icon to make adjustments.2015-08-12_10-02-35

Lab – the lab tab shows fruit maturity data as recorded into the system for this block each season. See the latest results at a glance and use the Record a fruit sample button to add new maturity lab data. Clicking the Chart option will show a historical chart of analysis entered against this block for the selected Vintage. Use the options at the bottom to export the information into CSV or PDF.2015-08-12_10-02-56

Seasonal – the season tab shows viticulture assessment information for the currently selected Vintage as well as all Fruit bookings scheduled and Fruit receivals into your facility. Quickly access the booking or the fruit arrival by clicking the links provided.2015-08-12_10-03-22

Assessments – this tab allows you to view all past assessments recorded against this block for the selected Vintage. An assessment is used to record the seasonal progress of a block for a particular Vintage. By making regular assessments of a block you can easily see how the block is tracking over time in the lead up to harvest. Use the New Assessment button to record an assessment. This also updates the information shown on the Seasonal tab.  Click here for a detailed article on Assessmnets

This feature is only available in VINX2 Professional and Enterprise you will need to upgrade from Essentials to use this feature.


Fruit placement – this tab shows the Current Bulk Stock, Dispatches and Packagings where this block has been involved Vintage. It is a powerful tool that allows you to answer many auditor questions relating to the destination of fruit received at your scales and recorded in VINX2.


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