Bottled wine movements on the TTB 702 Report, for users without the Inventory module

Users without the Inventory module can now view bottled movements in the 702 report.

One of the Bottling dispatch types needs to be selected with the dispatch, in order for the movements to show up in the bottling section (Section B – Bottled Wine) .


Bottling Dispatch Types:
Bottling: Movements show under Section B; Bottled and Inventory shortage
Bottling > Transferred in Bond: shows under Section B; Bottled and Transferred in Bond
Bottling > Removed tax paid: shows under Section B; Bottled and Removed Tax paid

You still dispatch to bottling, and vintrace writes those bottled gallons to Section A, line 13, AND Section B, Line 2…BUT FOR THAT PERIOD ONLY.  i.e. it doesn’t track a begin and end (Section B, line 1), so you still need to manually fill in Section B, including any transfers, etc. on the remaining lines of Section B.

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