Bottling from VINx2 to third-party accounting or inventory software

If you’d prefer to track inventory levels for your goods in a third-party accounting or inventory tracking software package then this post will be relevant for you. It requires that you have the Advanced inventory module enabled in VINx2, if not you can achieve the same results by simply using the Bulk dispatch function and selecting the Dispatch type as Bottling.

Assuming you have wine ready to bottle you can use the Operations -> Packaging function.

Select the tank you’re bottling from and then click the New button next to stock item as indicated above. To keep things simple choose to setup your stock item as the Single x1 (single bottle).

Give the new stock item an appropriate code. Ideally this will match the code you refer to the stock under your third-party accounting package. That way you can export/import stock levels using existing reports from VINx2. Also ensure you specify the single bottle volume which would be 0.75 L for a standard 750ml bottle. Save your new single bottle stock item.

Complete the Out(L|gal) field and also the Quantity field with the total units bottled and the hit the calculator in the bottom right corner. This will work out any loss. Double check all the calculated volumes and quantities to ensure they are accurate.

You can optionally specify a lot/batch (commonly called a run number) for the bottling as well. You will also need to ‘route’ the stock to a location in your warehouse. Just choose a generic location as it won’t be there long.

Save this form with an appropriate date.

No to remove the stock from VINx2 use the Inventory -> Dispatch function from the top menu. We suggest setting up an entry in your address book to represent the third-party system. In this example I’m using QuickBooks.


Change the dispatch type to “Packaged stock transferred to inventory tracking system” and select the stock items you want to export nominating the right quantities.

Once you’ve dispatched your stock you can export the stock codes and stock levels using the Dispatch report located under Winery Reports -> Inventory. This report is in a simple plain text CSV format that most software packages will be able to read for import. It’s just a case of matching the columns to those required by your third-party software.




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