Cloud printing setup for lab labels

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.3.1

Cloud print account setup

Important: Please note that you need to be a local vintrace administrator to be able to do an initial setup for the cloud print.

To setup your cloud printer go to Winery Setup – General – System Policy and click on the cloud print icon beside the Lab label printer field.


In the vintrace cloud account setup screen, enter all the necessary information such as Firstname, Lastname, Email, and Password. Then click on Save button.

Important: Please note that the email and password you enter to setup the cloud print account will be the same email and password that will used to sign-in by other non-admin vintrace users in your winery to use the cloud printer.


In the next screen, click on the Click here to download link provided to download the cloud print software.


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Cloud print client installation for Mac users

For non Mac users, please proceed to Cloud print client installation.

For Mac users, after you have installed the cloud print client and then run it the first time, you will get this warning message:

Install on mac1

Go to System Preferences – Security & Privacy.


In the bottom of the Security & Privacy dialog, there’s a message saying that “PrintNode” was blocked from opening because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed. Click on Open Anyway button.


Click on Open button in the dialog that comes up.


You can then proceed to complete the Cloud print client installation steps.

Cloud print client installation

After the cloud print software installer has been downloaded, double click on it. This will bring up the setup screen.

In the License Agreement screen, tick on I accept the agreement button and then click on Next button.


Select the folder where you want to install the software or you can use the default selected folder then click on Next button.


Click on Next button.


Tick on Create a desktop shortcut checkbox then click on Next.


Click on Install button.


Tick on Launch PrintNode checkbox then click on Finish button.


This will bring up the cloud print client. Enter the email address and password that you have used to register an account in the previous steps and then click on Sign In button.



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Selecting a system wide printer

After you have logged in to the cloud print client software, go to Winery Setup – General – System Policy and click on the cloud print icon beside the Lab label printer field to select the printer you want to use.


Click on the printer you want to use then click on Ok button.


In the Lab label printer field, the selected printer id will be set.


Setting up printing at the Winery, Laboratory or System user levels

System is the highest level – this print service can be used by other non-admin vintrace users. Follow the instructions above.

Winery is for those clients working in a multi-winery environment. Setting Cloud print up at this level restricts usage to just that winery for that printer; other wineries in the group may set their lab printer independently.

Laboratory is used when you want to print a specific lab’s label to a specific printer.

System user is used when a user wants to specify a printer for all lab requests submitted by them.

Winery Cloud print

Head into Winery Setup – Work Flow – Defaults – Winery tab.

Choose the Winery from the drop down menu on the right.

Demo - pick winery for multi-winery

In Lab Console Settings, click the Cloud print icon and select your lab printer:

Demo - change lab printer for winery in multi-winery

Laboratory Cloud print

Head into the Address book; select Laboratory from the Organization drop-down.

Pick the laboratory you want; click the Advanced button; head into the Roles tab and select the Laboratory role.

Demo - find and choose laboratory

Demo - change lab printer for laboratory

Click the Cloud print icon and select your lab printer.

User Cloud Print
Head into Winery Setup – Workflow – Defaults – User tab. Select the required user from the drop down list.

In Lab Console Settings, click the Cloud print icon and select your lab printer:

Demo - change lab printer at user level

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