Configure tax rate per price

This feature was added in VINX2 Version 5.1.4

Often, different tax rates apply to different situations for items, i.e., retail price list that has merchandise and wine listed on it. For example, in Australia the Wine equalisation tax (WET) tax applies to wine sales but not to the merchandise which may also be on the price list.

With this new feature you will now be able to set a tax rate per price on a price list for sales items that allows it to override the default price list tax rate if set. In order to do this, firstly, you need to have a price list that is already configured. Please check here for more details on how to configure price lists.

In the example below, a price list named “WET” has already been configured to have a default tax rate of GST + WET that should only apply to wine sales. In this price list you have a stock item named “BOT-AG031OG”, which is actually a bottle.

WET price list

You want to sell this stock but you want to use another tax rate. You can do this by clicking on Advanced button beside the price of the stock item.

WET price list advanced button

In the Advanced price options screen, select the Override tax rate you want to use for the stock item. This override tax rate will be used in the Sales Order instead of the default tax rate of the price list, which in this example the default is WET + GST. Then click on Ok button.

Advanced price options

Next, create a Sales Order for the stock item using the Sales Price list that you have configured. In this example, “WET”  sales price list is selected.

Sales Order - Sales price list selected

Then add a line item for the stock item you wanted to sell. When the stock item is added the Tax Rate takes the overriding tax rate of the stock item.

Sales Order - line item added




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