Designate a variety and region (sub ava) against a bulk product batch

This feature was added in Version 5.1.

Expanding on our support to designate a variety or region at a Program level we now have support for you to to this on a per batch basis.

This is important as it allows you to classify any particular bulk batch of your product has having an overall variety or region (sub ava) that can be used in searches, reporting or grouping throughout the system.

i.e. See all wine batches you’ve designated as Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley, regardless of whether or not those wines have been topped with a tiny amount of Marsanne.

The designated variety and region will be derived first from a batch level and if not set on a batch level then from any linked Program to that batch.

The designation can be made when setting up a new batch or via editing an existing one.

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