How to create a custom code

Custom code is a feature that allows you to include a custom codeable field in your code. This gives you the flexibility to setup a list of code options that are unique to your winery. This field is only available for selection when you use an Auto-Code Policy to create a wine batch (lot), bin, or gyro cage.

How to create a custom code

Navigate to Winery Setup – Setup Options – Work-flow – Custom Codes and click on New Custom Code button.

New Custom Code Console

In the Custom Code [Create] dialog, input a Name and Code that suits your winery. This example uses the custom code name ‘Custom Code Gyro Cage’, code ‘GC’, and added a short description ‘Used for gyro cages’.

Custom Code Create 1

Select an Applicable type for your custom code. There are two types available:

  • Batch –  when you want to use the custom code for wine batch (lot) creation
  • Vessel – when you want to use the custom code for either bin or gyro cage creation

In this example, we will use type Vessel since we intend to use this custom code for gyro cages creation.

Set custom code type

Click on Save button.

You now have a custom code ready to use in an Auto-Code policy.

Please refer to this post to learn how to use custom code for batch (lot).


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