How to dump bottles to bulk

The following support article will help you take bottles in inventory and dump them to bulk, and also trigger off the correct TTB events for your TTB report to show that the wine has been dumped to bulk.

Please note: if you are using our Sparkling module and the bottled wine is still on tirage, then you should use the Tirage Admin operation to transfer your tiraged stock back into tank in a single operation.  This will also take care of your TTB reporting.  The specific options for moving tirage stock back to tank are under the Split / Transfer tab.

There are a few requirements before we get started, the first is that you have a wine batch linked to your bottles so that it is classed as a wine stock item and tracked on your TTB report.
If the wine has previously been packaged within VINx2 it is pretty likely it is already linked up, if the bottles were not however there is a good chance they are not linked to a wine batch in the system.

When viewing the bottled stock you can check if it is a wine stock item in the bill of materials.
There will be a line item on the bill of materials containing a [wine batch]/BLK item, with a associated volume.
Additionally it will also need a tax class set.

The following support article also covers receiving and setting up wine stock items within VINx2.
Have a read over this before continuing if you are unsure whether or not the wine you are dumping to bulk is a wine stock item, or if you would like to first receive the goods before dumping to bulk.
[How to receive bottled wine stock into inventory]

After you have confirmed that the stock item is a wine stock item, or created the appropriate wine stock item you can then move onto dumping the bottles to bulk.
Start by performing a Stock Adjustment against the bottles, make sure to select the Reason ‘TTB – Dumped to Bulk’, this will show the bottled stock as dumped to bulk on your TTB report.

This finishes up the inventory side of things, now we need to bring the wine into the system.

Under the operations menu on the main screen select the bulk wine intake operation.
On the wine details tab you’ll want to select the batch/lot of the wine you are dumping to bulk, or create it.
After this is done enter in 0.01 gallons as the volume you are bringing in, this is important for the next step.
After this fill in the other wine details such as fraction type, fermentation state and colour.

Now head into the vessels tab, select the vessel you want to put the wine into and enter the amount you are dumping to bulk into the Transfer in amount.
Press the calculator button on the bottom right, this will calculate the gain required on the left hand side.
Finally Select the loss reason, ‘TTB – Bottled dumped to bulk’.

After filling out the composition information for the wine along with any other details you would like to record (such as analysis or additions) save the operation.
This will have 0.01 gallons of the wine arrive in the winery followed by a gain up to the amount as ‘bottled dumped to bulk’, depending on your TTB precision this will be rounded to the nearest whole gallon.

If you have any questions regarding the process feel free to contact the support desk and we can answer any questions or give you a run through.

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