Selling or retiring multiple barrels

This feature was modified in VINX2 Version 5.1.2 to support the use of Barrel Scanner.

So you have taken a look at your old Barrels and have decided that a number of them have served you well but it is time to retire them and make them inactive in VINx2.

This is easily done by using a Barrel Treatment Operation as outlined in the following steps. If you have a Motorola Barrel Barcode Scanner, you can refer to the Selling or Retiring Barrels section on the Using the Barrel Scanner with Barrel Treatment post on how to use the scanner together with the Barrel Treatment operation to retire barrels.

Step 1. Create a Barrel Treatment
Click on Winery Setup – Treatments – Treatment (Barrel) to view the list of barrel treatments you have set up. Now click on the New Barrel treatment button at the top of the list. In the Barrel Treatment Definition screen, select Deactivate barrels when used option.

Choose a name and description that suits your winery this example uses the treatment name ‘Retire Barrels’

Deactivate Barrel Treatment Definition

Step 2. Schedule a Barrel Treatment Job to retire barrels.

Create a new Work order (Cellar note) and add a Barrel Treatment to it using the barrel treatment created in step 1. You can do this from File > Work order from writer. Click on + Add job to note and select Treatment(Barrel).

Barrel treatment 1

Then in Treatment (Barrel) screen, click on Add button under the Barrel List section to add the barrels you want to retire.

Use Retire Barrel in Barrel Treatment

In the Search for Barrels screen, select the barrels you want to add and then click on Use Selection button.

Search for barrels to retire

 Click on Add to Work Order button and then save the Work Order.

Retire Barrel Operation with Barrel List

Step 3. Complete the scheduled job.

Go to Scheduled Task Worklist then click on the Complete button on the task. And then click on Save in the Treatment (Barrel) screen.  in the Alternatively you can scan the barcode on the Work Order (Cellar note) and then complete the task.

Complete Retire Barrel with List

The barrels will now be inactive and you will no longer be able to select them for use in the winery.