Improved Grower Contract mangement

As a part of this improved Grower Contract’s guide, we’ll cover:

  • Changes to the Grower Contracts
  • Changes to the Bookings/Fruit intake
  • A new Grower Contract Console to manage and track the contracts

If you have Accounts Link enabled and want to defer fruit payments in installments, please look at the following guide.

Changes to the Grower Contracts

New tabs and fields have been added to the Grower Contract. For more information on the preexisting fields, read up on the original grower contract page.

Grower Contract Tabs

The Grower Contract is now split into three tabs,  “Details”, “Value Rules” and “Harvest”.

Details: Contains the fields for the grower contract.
Value Rules: Contains the value rules to set up adjusted prices for the grower contract.
Harvest: Shows fruit intakes and bookings that are received against this contract. This tab is available after the contract has been created.

Grower Contract Fields (Details)


Added fields:

Expected fruit arrival: The expected arrival dates of the fruit, start to end. These dates can be used as filters on the Grower Contract Console.
Contracted(T): The expected tonnage of fruit, for the contract
Expected Cost: An expected cost based of the default price and the contract amount. You can use this value to compare to the actual cost of the contract at the end of harvest
Program: The program which will be used for all the fruit coming in against the contract

Value Rules

The tab contains the Grading Value Rules.


Grading value rules: Uses grading scales to override the expected fruit cost when creating a fruit intake

Harvest Tab

Shows fruit intakes and bookings that are received against this contract.

Changes to the Bookings/Fruit intake

The Grower contract and Program can now be selected when creating bookings.
Selecting a grower contract on the booking will fill out the booking with the fields provided on the Contract and will be the contract used on the the fruit intake.

All fruit received against this booking will be designated to the selected program

Grower Contract Console

The console can be found under Accounts -> Grower Contract

Console overview
The console is used for finding, creating and managing grower contracts.


Console options:

  • New Contract: Creates a new Grower Contract
  • New Booking: Creates a new Fruit booking, however if you already know which grower contract to use on the booking, it’ll be more convenient creating a new booking from the contract (see below)
  • Change status: To help manage and filter the contracts, you can select for the contract to be: Proposed, Under-negotiation, Confirmed.


Grower contract options:

  • View: loads up the Grower Contract
  • Change Contract status: changes the contract status for the selected grower contract
  • Create booking: opens up a new Fruit Booking with the contract already selected



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