Raise purchase orders without price information and update at a later time

This feature was added in vintraceVersion 5.1.4

The Purchase Orders workflow has been modified to handle the scenario wherein the exact cost of the order is not known at the time the Purchase Order is raised in vintrace. In some cases you may not know the final price paid until you receive an invoice more than 30 days after the goods have arrived. This can also impact your production costing as the items may not have a price at the time the receival operation was done in vintrace and the items used. For example, glass used in a bottling run before you received the invoice for the goods.

This enhancement allows users to update the price in the Purchase Order that has already had stock received against it. It automatically updates any impacted costings with the new price as well.

The new workflow can be done with the following steps:

  1. Create the Purchase Order with no price.Create PO no price
  2. Perform a stock receival against the Purchase Order. You can do this by either clicking on the Stock Recieval button in the Purchase Order screen or you can create an Inventory Note to receive the stock and enter the Purchase# in the receival screen. The receival operation will take the information from the Purchase Order.Stock receival

    After the receival operation has been completed, you can see in the Costs tab of the stock item that items have been received with zero cost.Stock item costs tab zero cost
  3.  Update the price in the Purchase Order.PO - updated price

    The receival cost is also automatically updated with the new price.Stock receival new price
    You can also verify that the cost has been updated in the Costs tab of the stock item.Stock item costs tab updatedThe same Purchase Order workflow can also be applied to bulk wine items.

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