Manage documents for completed operations

This feature was added in vintrace Version 5.2.3

This feature allows you to attach or remove documents from a completed operation or stock action.

How to add documents to completed operations

Let’s take for example you want to attach a document to a completed bulk intake operation.

Go to the Product Overview of the product and go to History tab. Click on View link for the bulk intake operation.

View bulk intake 1

In Bulk wine intake screen, go to Documents tab. Click on Choose file button and select the file you want to attach.

View bulk intake 2


Click on Upload button.

Attach doc 1

Once you have uploaded the file you will be able to see it under the Document list with the size and status.

Attach doc 2

Click on Save Document Changes button to save the attachment.

Attach doc 3

After you have saved the attachment, a paperclip icon will appear beside the operation in History tab of Product Overview to indicate that a document is attached.

Completed attachment

How to remove documents from completed operations

Click on the paperclip icon beside the completed operation and it will take you to the Documents tab of the operation. In this example, we are trying to remove the document we have attached previously from the bulk intake operation.

In the Documents tab of the operation, click on the clear icon beside the document you want to remove.

Remove attachment 1

After you click on the clear button, the document will disappear from the list.

Click on Save Document changes button.

Remove attachment 2

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