Moving barrels with the barcode scanner

Barrels can be easily moved by scanning them with the barcode scanner.

Barrels in a barrel group must all be moved together, you can however move them individually in the web interface if you require.

To start off scan a barrel.

Once you have your barrel(s) on the scanner tap on the Actions menu, from there you can select move.

This can be done from either the wine or the barrel group on the scanner.

This brings up the Move Group screen on the scanner, you can select the Storage area, bay and starting/ending stacks for the barrels.
The Bay field can take text, so you can enter names, numbers or any combination of the two.

When you are done entering the information tap on add.

If you wish you can input multiple locations for the barrels, simply enter the information and tap add to add it to the list.

Once you are finished adding the new locations tap on Save to move the barrels.

You will need to re-scan the barrels in order to see the new locations on the barcode scanner.

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