Non-numeric Metric values can now be saved

The Lab and Analysis functions have been changed to allow for non-numeric values to be saved. It also allows you to track ambiguous or indication data a bit easier (such as allergens that have a mg/L of <0.0001).

First, the metric’s themselves can be configured to the old way if you’re certain that you want no data other than numeric.

Metric edit form

We’re going to show how the new non-numeric metrics are going to be used from the Lab console, as here is were you are likely to import data with non-numeric values. But every Metric field in the system will also allow non-numeric values to be saved.

Below we have an example analysis entry where the Alcohol is the one configured above to be non-numeric values only. But we wrote ‘GREG’ because he has the results for the alcohol metric. Brix is a normal numeric result. and pH shows the new non-numeric data entry by having a ‘<0.001’ result.

We clicked on update to save the values but not commit them, when we view the analysis we can see that ‘GREG’ still hasn’t entered the alcohol metric. But the note is still there for him to give Alcohol a numeric value.

If you try to save the analysis with ‘GREG’ in the form on the alcohol metric it will stop you. Saving a second time will show the error dialog ‘Numeric Input Expected’

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