Offline support for the barcode scanner

In version 3.2.1 and above in VINx2, the barcode scanning software has the ability to work without a constant network connection.  This can be useful if you don’t have suitable wireless coverage in your barrel caves.  You’ll still require a network connection to synchronize the latest barrel details to the scanner, and to synchronize the jobs you’ve completed back to your VINx2 database, but you don’t have to have it connected all the time.

After updating your barcode scanning software you’ll notice an extra tab at the bottom of  the login screen called Sync.  In here, we have some new sync options for offline mode.  You’ll want to check “Enable sync support”.

Click on Save, then back to the Login tab to log in as usual.

There is a new Sync button on the main screen.

You’ll need to click this to get the latest barrel and wine details, lab results and barrel jobs, etc onto the scanner.  Please note that the first time you do this, it can take some time depending on how many barrels you have at the winery, but after the first sync the server and scanner work out what’s changed since the last sync was done and only updates that information.  The system also splits the sync into small steps of roughly 100 barrels at a time to make sure the scanner doesn’t run out of memory during the sync.

Click the “ok” option and you can now work with the scanner like you used to.  You just need to remember to sync to push the jobs you’ve completed back to VINx2, and to get the next load of jobs waiting for you.

You might have noticed on the first screen-shot, there is also a “Start offline *” mode.  Use this is handy when you need to log into the scanner without being in wireless range.  With this option turned on, VINx2 starts offline and will only connect to the server when you need to sync.  You will have needed at least one successful login and sync before this option working.  The benefit of leaving this option off is that it has increased security as you can’t start the scanner software without providing your login details, and it also refreshes barrel attributes and the list of available storage areas as soon as login.

Of course, if you have decent wireless coverage, you can still use the scanner’s regular mode which will look up all the details in real-time.

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