Option to calculate tirage bin fill times

This feature was added in vintrace version 5.2.3

A new feature has been added that gives you the option to calculate bin fill times in vintrace. This feature is very useful when you are performing a tirage operation and you have multiple bins but don’t want to manually enter the fill time for each one. This feature is only available if you have Sparkling module enabled.

There are two modes on how the bin fill time is calculated:

  • Calculate total duration – vintrace will calculate the start fill time of each of the bins based on start time and end time entered by the user.
  • Calculate minutes per Bin – vintrace will calculate the start fill time of each bin based on a start time and minutes per bin entered by the user.

The following section will show you how to use each mode. Firstly, you need to do a tirage operation by going into Operations – Sparkling – Tirage. Enter all the mandatory fields for tirage operation in the General tab such as the Batch/Vessel details and the Tirage/Packaging details.

Tirage general tab

Go to the Bins/QA tab and under Bin details, enter each bin to be used for the tirage operation, number of bottles per bin, and area. Please note that the time entered in Fill Time is the start time.

Bin details 1

Click on Calc fill time link.

Note: You can set the bin fill time to be mandatory for subsequent tirage operations by ticking on the Mandatory Bin Fill Times checkbox and then clicking on the heart icon beside it to mark it as a favourite.

Bin details 2

Calculate total duration

In the Bin fill time calculator screen, select Calc total duration. Enter the Start time and End time, and then click on Ok button. In the example below, Start time entered is ’02/11/2016 13:00′ and End time is ’02/11/2016 17:00′.

Calc total duration

vintrace automatically calculates the bin fill time for each bin. For this scenario, there are 4 bins and a duration of 4 hours based on the Start time and End time entered. So, there is an hour in between each of the bin fill start time.

Calc total duration results

Calculate minutes per Bin

In Bin fill time calculator screen, select Calc minutes per Bin. Enter the Start time and the Minutes per bin. In the example below, the Start time entered is ’02/11/2016 20:00′ and Minutes per bin is ’30’. You can mark the Minutes per bin entered as favourite by clicking on the heart icon beside it so that vintrace will remember your selection for the subsequent operations.

Calc minutes per bin

vintrace will then automatically calculate the start of the bin fill times for each bin based on the start time and the number of minutes per bin.

Calc minutes per bin results

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