Support for Admeo/Bio systems Y15 lab import format

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.4.1

This FAQ will cover how to set up vintrace to import Admeo/Bio systems Y15 machine  results from their CSV outputs.

This post should be read in conjunction with the more general post on requesting, exporting and importing lab results.

If you are using alternative metric names in vintrace as compared to the column headers output by your Admeo/Bio systems Y15 you will need to read the following section, otherwise skip ahead to requesting/importing results.

Alternatively you can adjust the metric names on the computer connected to your Admeo/Bio systems Y15 machine or modify the resulting CSV export/report manually.

Mapping metric names between Admeo/Bio systems Y15 to vintrace

Open the Address Book and add a new Organization for Admeo/Bio systems Y15 by clicking Add – Organization.

Import 0.1

Assign the Laboratory Role then click Edit to bring up the options to Configure Laboratory Settings.

Import 1

Click on Configure Metric Names. On the left side are your metrics in the system, the right side Admeo/Bio systems Y15 names for those metrics.  When you are done mapping metrics click the OK button to save them.

Import 2

If your metric names differ from Foss names you can map them here.  We recommend that you configure your Lab with the appropriate metric mappings so that the column names from the Admeo/Bio systems Y15 export file match your metric names in vintrace.

Requesting Analysis

Now when you make analysis requests within vintrace you can select Admeo/Bio systems Y15 as your lab.

You may request Lab work can from any single wine from the Product Overview screen by selecting Actions – Print Lab Label.

Import 4

To request analysis on multiple wines select them from the Bulk wine search, click on Lab Work.

Import 6

Select Admeo/Bio systems Y15 as the Laboratory from the drop down, select the appropriate Analysis Template; check (tick) the box next to Print Labels, then click OK.

Import 5

The Lab ID that is generated will need to enter into the Admeo/Bio system Y15 as the Sample ID, will be the barcode (if using a barcode scanner) or “AT” number.

Import 7


Once the analysis is complete you can export the report from the Admeo/Bio system Y15 software as below.

Import 9

To upload the results into vintrace, open the Lab Console.  On the bottom left of the window, there is an Import format box, select Admeo/Bio system Y15 from the drop down.

Import 8

Next select Choose File to browse for the report you wish to import then click Load from File.

Import 10

The completed analysis will automatically be imported into vintrace. Double check the values to ensure they are correct.

Import 11

Once the results have been uploaded, there are three actions available:

  • You can View the analysis
  • Update to temporarily save the analysis without confirming them or saving them against the wine so you can perform other operations first
  • Confirm the analysis to save it against the wine.

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