Tracking estate wine moving between bonds (US only)

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.4

Setting up an estate bond

To turn on estate wine tracking, go to Winery Setup – Infrastructure – Winery and select the winery where you want to set as an estate bond. Go to Bond tab, then select Estate BondYes.


Setting up an estate only program

Next, setup a program to be estate only by going to Winery Setup – Work-flow – Programs and select a program. Tick on Estate Only checkbox.


Setting up an estate only batch

Use the estate only program in a batch that you want to set as estate only. In the example below, I have create a batch called “EstateOnlyBond1” that is linked to the program “EstateOnly”.


Setting up an estate only wine

To create a wine that is estate only in vintrace, you need to perform an extraction operation where the destination vessel belongs to the winery that has the estate only bond set, and the destination batch is the estate only batch that was previously created.


Go to the Product Overview of the wine and click on the TTB information icon.


Click on Bond History link.


The Bond History screen will show you the names of the bonds that the product has visited. In the example below, it only visited the estate only bond, thus keeping its estate only wine status.


Any blend/transfer into an estate only wine from a non estate wine will trigger a validation message to warn users that the resulting product will no longer be an estate wine. In the example below, we are trying to blend a non-estate wine to an estate wine.


Upon saving the operation, you will get a validation message that the resulting product would no longer be an estate wine.


When you click on OK on the validation message, the blend will be successful. And then going into the Bond History of the resulting wine will show you that the wine has visited 2 bonds.


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