Using the barcode scanner in the cellar

Checking barrel details with the barcode scanner is as simple as scanning the barcode on the barrel.  Something like the following will appear.

This shows you information about the barrel, and has links to the wine details (the “12JXSAB” link in the image above), and to the barrel group in general (the “BG2” link in the image above).  You can also show any jobs that this barrel has scheduled against it from here.  Actions that can be performed:

  • Change barcode: reassigns a different barcode to this barrel
  • Edit: edit barrel details from the scanner
  • Move: change the location of the barrel

You can start a job from the job list by double-tapping it (more on working with jobs can be found here).

Tapping the link for the wine will take you into the wine details.  Which will look something like this:

In here you can see information about the wine including product state, location, fermentation state, volume, owner.  You can also use the composition tab to view the composition of the wine.  The most recent analysis for the wine can be seen on the analysis tab, as shown in the following example:

Again, jobs scheduled for this particular wine batch will show up in the list of jobs as well.

Under the Actions menu you can move the location of the barrels, as well as add a tasting note (which can be typed in from the device and saved).

From the main menu you can also search for barrels or groups by code, owner or wine batch code, and whether they are empty.  This is done by tapping on one of the following icons:

The search screen will look like the following:

Double-tapping one of the barrels in the list will take you into the details as if it had been scanned.

In the rare occasion where the laser for the scanner is not firing there is also a “Reset scan” button on the main menu.

Tapping this reinitialises the scanning engine which should get things running again.

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