Using the Barrel Scanner with Barrel Treatments

This feature was added in VINX2 Version 5.1.2

This feature allows you to use the Motorola barrel barcode scanner with the Barrel Treatment function in VINX2. This feature provides support for you to perform Barrel Treatment Operations such as

Before starting any of the Barrel Treatment Operations, please make sure that a barcode number is associated to each of the barrels involved in the operation. You can verify this by navigating to Winery Setup – Setup Options – Vessels – Barrels and select the barrels, and verify that the Asset Id field has the barcode number of the barrel.

Asset Id in Barrel Definition

General steps for using the Barcode scanner with Barrel Treatments 

Barrel treatments can be configured under Winery Setup – Setup Options -Treatment – Treatment (Barrel).

Step 1. Schedule a Barrel Treatment Job

Create a new Work order (Cellar note) by navigating to File – New cellar note. Then click on + Add job and select Treatment(Barrel). Tip: it is important to remember when assigning work to the barrel scanner that you select the barrel scanner user in the Assigned to field.

Barrel treatment 1

In the Treatment(Barrel) screen, select the Barrel Treatment created in step 1 and click on Add to Work Order, and then save the Work Order.

Use Retire Barrel in Barrel Treatment

Step 3. Sync the VINx2 application on the barrel scanner.

If operating your barcode scanner in offline mode, navigate to the VINx2 application in the barcode scanner and then click on Sync. If working over WI-FI simply scan the barcode on the work order to start the job.

Sync Scanner

Step 4. Select the created barrel treatment job on the barrel scanner.

Scan the Work Order (Cellar note) barcode or click on Jobs icon on the scanner , then select the  treatment job and then click on Select job button.

Select Job in scanner

Step 5. Scan the barrels.

Scan the barcode on each barrel to add the barrels to the job.The inactive barrels scanned will be listed in blue coloured text while active barrels scanned will be listed in green coloured text.

If you are operating in offline mode, click on Save > Ready to Sync button on the lower left hand corner of the scanner screen.

Barrels scanned into job

Step 6. Click on Sync button again on the barcode scanner if you are working in offline mode.

Step 7. Complete the scheduled job in VINX2.

Go to Scheduled Task Worklist then click on the Complete button on the task. The barrels scanned will be listed under the Barrel List. Then click on Save. Alternatively you can scan the barcode on the Work Order (Cellar note) and then complete the task.

Scheduled Task After Barcode Scan - Retire


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