Version 5.1.2

Major new features

None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Multi additions now supports Hide Barrel Codes option if using custom MS Word templates.
  • Fixed the issue where the Tax Class of dispatched goods on Bill of Lading always takes the Tax Class of the Bulk Wine.
  • Fixed the issue on the Stock Item tab where Bulk Wine component always rounds up to a whole number.
  • Fixed Custom Cellar Note showing unhandled exception when the dip on a tank is not configured properly.
  • Added From Vessel Start/End State and To Vessel Start/End State in Work Detail Report.
  • Fixed Update button on Lab Console to change to green coloured text when Update is successful.
  • Added Remove Barrels button in the scanner application to remove barrels scanned by mistake.
  • Fixed Contacts in Address Book to support multiple email addresses.
  • Fixed the issue where users are not able to create a new owner without Local VINx2 Admin privilege
  • Added Ownership to support VinWizard interface.
  • Added Sales Region filter to Sales Order console.
  • Fixed the following issues for Accounting Integration:
    – Discount is not being passed to Xero.
    – Audit Tax Code being passed to Xero is incorrect.
    – Added 30 character limit checking on Line Items added in Sales Orders when syncing to Xero.
    – Warning message has been added in Accounts Sync Preview to inform users if a Cost Item based transaction has a Cost Item that has no Syncable Account set.
    – Only the Last Name is saved in Xero when creating Individual contact from Address Book.
    Address lines 1 and 2 are not getting passed across to Xero when syncing contacts.
    – Fixed the issue wherein cost amounts that round to 0.00 causes interface error with Xero.
    – Added Purchase Order button in Delivery details tab in bulk wine intake operation to support input of costing  when Accounting Integration is enabled
  • Fixed the issue where inactive stock items are appearing in purchase order line items.
  • Fixed the Last Blend link in History tab in Product Overview to be able to open a link to a fruit.
  • Fixed Service charges screen to show the number of barrels in Quantity field for billing items that are set to per-barrel and assigned to a treatment used in multi-add operations.
  • Enable partially rolled back dispatch items to be searchable in Dispatch search.
  • Fixed the issue in Tirage Admin and Riddling screens where it keeps prompting “Mandatory field missing” and no fields are highlighted when bin group have no area set.
  • Fixed Unit Price field in the line item of the Sales Order screen to be always enabled and editable.
  • Fixed Delivered amount in purchase order to be always updated upon stock recieval.
  • Fixed Cancel button in Ferment Analysis – Batch Entry screen in Ferment Console.
  • Fixed Apportion button in Cost Allocation console to be able to apportion with only one line item.
  • Corrected the decimal precision of the transfer amount in cost items for transfer operations.
  • Support a workflow for scheduling a transfer out of a barrel group, and breaking out barrels from that group that were used for the scheduled transfer operation, and then completing the transfer operation.

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