Version 5.1.4

Major new features

None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed Bill of Lading (BOL) form so that selecting a Party on Address search fills out all the address information.
  • Fixed the issue where Bulk intake operation with additive summary causes mandatory field missing.
  • Zero/no available stock option now available in stock search.
  • Fixed the issue where bad break barrel operations causes error on the barrel scanner.
  • Fixed logo upload in Tools – Setup – Edit my company screen.
  • Filter out inactive vineyards in vineyard list in Block details.
  • Filter out inactive treatments in search/drop down lists in operations.
  • Fixed the issue where clearing the Cost tracker field then changing the Effective Date in Cost Allocation causes an error.
  • Fixed the CSV output in Accounts to show the Current Balance.
  • Make email address mandatory for new system users and owner login accounts and collect it for existing users.
  • Added Sales order number to Excise tax manual journal that is auto-generated.
  • Fixed the Excise tax calculation when unit price is $0.
  • Fixed Additive operation so a ferment can start with a future date.
  • Fixed the issue where notifications that contain $ and % characters throws an error.
  • Fixed closed off 702 warning message to show the correct unit.
  • Added Sales order number and Reference fields in the inventory note printout.
  • Added Order number, Reference, and Cellar Note (Work Order) number in Bill of Lading.
  • Warning message is added when performing bulk wine intake against a Purchase Order that has no bulk wine in it.
  • Fixed the pageable table results count in Product Overview which shows a count with no results by default when opened.
  • Fixed the error when navigating to Block Overview from the Fruit tab for delivery that was received.
  • Fixed the issue where an operation cannot be backdated into closed off 702 period.
  • Fixed the TTB report issue where year is removed when choosing month.
  • Added audit information when viewing completed Cost Allocation events.
  • Fixed the TTB report issue where blending across tax classes for multi-topping operation causes high blending amounts.
  • Fixed the issue when performing a Rack & Return operation where the destination vessel does not have a batch causes an error.
  • Account balance is renamed to Opening balance in Accounts setup screen.
  • Warning message is added when trying to use a fulfilled Sales Order or Purchase Order on a dispatch or receival operation.
  • Selecting an item on the Sales Order line item strip now resets the other fields.
  • Delivered amount in the Purchase Order is now updated after bulk wine intake operation is done against it.
  • Users are now able to record operations within the same minute.
  • Fixed the issue where the user is prompted with multiple dialog boxes all at once during first login.
  • Added more detailed information in Xero error messages.
  • Fixed the issue where the sample instruction disappears when editing/loading Cellar Note (Work Order) for an analysis operation.
  • Fixed the issue where Tax class gets reset when resuming a bulk intake job from scheduling if it was scheduled with a tax class.
  • Fixed the issue where manually added costs are sorted by recorded date rather than effective date in the Costs tab of Product Overview and Stock Item Overview.
  • Fixed Lab Console to skip over already completed tasks when Update All/Confirm All button is clicked.
  • Fixed the issue of having duplicate lot numbers with stock receival.
  • Added lot/batch verification on routes.
  • Allow users with “Can perform admin operations” privilege to access Client Billing tab in Winery Setup – Infrastructure – Winery.
  • Fixed the issue where WET Tax report (Australia) is taking too long to generate and times out.
  • Added a universal ID for stock items in VINx2 that will be available for interfacing with other systems.
  • Fixed the issue where Import Wizard isn’t importing Description for bulk wine.