Version 5.2.3

Major new features

None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where the loss/gain amount is miscalculated when correcting a stock adjustment.
  • Fixed the cellar note (work order) printout to show the additives for one-to-many transfer operations.
  • Fixed issues on the block importer.
  • Enable costing for Professional Licence Package.
  • Fixed the issue where the 702 report (USA) is showing values in bottled section totals when inventory module is not enabled.
  • Fixed packaging operation to allow users to route non bulk wine items in the bill of materials from non taxpaid storage areas when the bulk wine component is taxpaid.
  • Removed the mandatory email when creating new organisations or individuals in the address book.
  • Fixed the error when generating Sales Report where the search criteria does not return any results.
  • Fixed the issue where the 702 report (USA) is showing events when packaging a taxpaid bulk wine item to a taxpaid storage area.
  • Fixed non-invoiced client billing charge captures to be reversed when the stock actions are reversed.
  • Fixed the issue where performing a  fixup date bypasses the backdating 702 to the last closing period logic.
  • Added validation in licence request to prevent users from submitting blank licence requests.
  • Fixed the issue in barrel group create where mandatory field missing is coming when adding barrels via the Configure button.
  • Fixed the error when the stock receive form with a linked purchase order is cancelled.
  • Fixed the issue where the date is not updated when running fixup date from the inventory side.
  • Added a file importer to Winery Setup – General Stock Items – Dry Goods.
  • Fixed the issue where editing the purchase order of a reversed bulk wine intake brings back the costs to the bulk wine intake operation.
  • Fixed the error in rollback screen when data is too long in Reason for rollback field
  • Prevent non system administrator users from using edit to change the TTB state/tax class in Product Overview.
  • Added Packaging Bottling Line Mandatory setting in Winery Setup – Workflow – Defaults to give users the an option that would allow them to force a bottling line to be chosen during a packaging operation.
  • Fixed the issue where the custom cellar extraction notes are showing the incorrect rate of addition units.
  • Automated the fixup procedure to make deployments of new releases faster and more efficient.
  • Fixed Lab tab in Block Overview to show the live metrics.
  • Fixed the issue where saving analysis in Ferment Console shows an error.
  • Fixed the Fruit bookings importer from Upload button in Fruit Intake Console.
  • Fixed the issue where correcting fruit delivery in a way that forces new booking causes error.
  • Fixed the error upon reprinting a completed work order that has a multi transfer operation that has been reversed.
  • Fixed printing custom templates for scales to not rely on auto-printing.