Version 6.1.3

Major new features

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where cost events are doubled on extraction where the batch has changed.
  • Fixed the issue where new line in Multi additions screen clears additive amounts.
  • Filtered out inactive metrics in Analysis operation screen.
  • Made the Route from non-mandatory when correcting a product treatment or barrel treatment operation.
  • Dashlets are now refreshed automatically when switching wineries in multi winery mode.
  • Fixed the issue where clearing the Actual amount in correcting stock adjustment throws an error.
  • Fixed the issue where doing a bulk intake of non-declared wine does not show up in Part IV – Used for wine production in the TTB report (US only).
  • Fixed the issue where the Barrel treatment field is not filtering correctly in Barrel Treatment Report.
  • Added the inactive additives in the additives list in the Bill of Lading (BOL) form when the Show inactive additives checkbox is ticked.
  • Fixed the issue where cages an bins are not shown in disgorging work orders (cellar notes).
  • Fixed the issue where the Use work order template screen hangs when typing a bin name in the vessel field.
  • Show the new barrel group measurement screen when doing it from Operations – Measurement.
  • Fixed the issue where changing the vessel in the measurement screen does not update the volume.
  • Updated the Additive report to show Rate/kL when in US mode and using metric scheme.
  • Fixed Label Integrity Statement to only show the list of active winemakers.