Version 6.1.5

Major new features

  • Introducing the new Planning Schedule for smarter tank, fermenter and bottling line utilisation. More details.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where the ETS webservice is not working correctly in the Lab console.
  • Fixed the issue where the inline additives on the original PDF work order (cellar note) templates is not showing up when there are no values entered.
  • Updated the Operation Throughput Report to lookup the product owner instead of the batch owner.
  • Fixed the composition calculator on bulk intake correction.
  • Added a new grape sampling work order (cellar note) template to the new printed templates.
  • Fixed the volume filter on the new Bulk wine search to search for maximum volume when there is no maximum amount entered.
  • Added Rack & Return, Transfer, Transfer to barrel group, and Blend to the Operation type list in Scheduled Task Worklist.
  • Estate wine validation on scheduling and completing work order (cellar notes) – for US only.
  • Fixed the issues with the downloading of the CSV error files from the bulk wine importer.
  • The Label Integrity Statement report has been updated to remove the pie charts and is now generated in Word document format.
  • Fixed the issue where the Pending and Empty flags are not working in the new work order (cellar note) printed templates.
  • Fixed the issue where scheduling a many to one with an empty container shows an error.
  • Editing batch details from Product Overview shows a warning that the changes will also apply to any historical wine revisions and active wines of the batch.
  • Logging into vintrace from Internet Explorer will show a warning to users to use supported browsers.