Version 6.2.1

Major new features

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue in the invoice where the total amount is incorrect for Sales Orders with discounts.
  • Fixed the custom cellar notes (work order) templates to have an option for lab label auto-print.
  • A new option is added to clear or copy notes in the Notes tab on the operation when creating a cellar note (work order) template.
  • Fixed the issue in the Bill of Lading (BOL) where the barrels are not printed when Tank/barrel dispatched option is selected.
  • Fixed the issue where the Details tab of the cellar note (work order) template gets reset to defaults when changes are made.
  • New options in the Fruit Intake Console to select what booking document is sent in Email Booking option.
  • Added field for Intended Use to columns on Fruit Intake Console.
  • Fixed the error when trying to complete or edit a task entry that has been deleted in another browser screen.
  • Fixed the error when a customer on Essentials license clicks on Lab work button in Bulk wine search.
  • Fixed the issue where the Sample instruction field on analysis label gets overridden when there is an instruction in the analysis template.
  • Fixed the issue where inactive stock categories are still appearing in stock search.
  • Fixed the issue where inactive bottling lines are showing up in packaging operation.
  • Updated the tank dip table to be able to enter “FULL” or “EMPTY” in the volume field.
  • Updated the printed cellar note (work order) template for product treatment to show the list of barrels when a barrel group is selected.
  • Fixed the issue in using the cellar note (work order) template that has 2 list type generating only one of them.
  • Fixed the issue where inactive samples were appearing in the Sample Day Sheet.
  • Fixed the issue where the default lab is not set in the Lab Console.
  • Fixed the issue in the Grape Delivery Report where the columns were not aligned when there is no area entered in the delivery but you have a cost per area set.
  • Link to view the Block overview for the booking is now available from Job calendar, Harvest calendar, Fruit Intake Console, and Create/Update booking screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the reversed storage costs cannot be re-generated.
  • Added a warning to user when booking date is earlier than the earliest harvest date for the block.
  • Fixed the error when adding Product notes to a historic revision of a wine.
  • Fixed the error when doing a stock adjustment without loss reason entered.
  • Fixed the issue where creating a work order (cellar note) template does not follow the original order of the jobs.
  • Added a winery filter to work order (cellar note) templates.
  • Fixed the issue where source vessel treatments are not recorded on a many-to-one transfer.
  • Users can now access the block overview from the job calendar by clicking on the block link on a fruit booking and from the Fruit intake console by selecting the View block option from each booking.
  • Equipment treatment has a new field to indicate if it’s a Buy, Sell, Maintenance, Relocate, or Other type of treatment.
  • New permissions for system users added to restrict access to sales orders and purchase orders:
    – Can manage sales orders
    – Can manage purchase orders
  • Fixed the issue where changing the program on a batch resets the variety/region.
  • Fixed the issue where having  “>>” and “<<” in an operations notes on a work order (cellar note) can cause errors on generating the printed work order.
  • Fixed the Label Integrity report to show the correct measurement unit.
  • Added 3 new sales type on sales orders:
    – Contract Bottling – Dry Goods
    – Contract Bottling – Bulk Wine
    – Service
  • Fixed the error when generating Detailed charges report where a charge is added for an analysis on a product that originally does not have a service order associated.
  • A user that is editing their own defaults or the defaults for a winery can now see the changes in their current session and does not need to logout and login again to for the changes to take effect.
  • Added Inactive checkbox to the vessel categories in Winery Setup.