Version 7.4.4

Major new features

  •  None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Added a Sale type filter and group by option to the Sales Summary report.
  • Owner logins can now view Historical revisions using Historical search in Product Overview.
  • Added number of bins and bin description to the Grape Delivery Report (CSV).
  • Fixed the work order template creation so it always follows the order of the jobs rather than the date/time completed.
  • Fixed the error on creating inventory work orders where the stock item does not have any distribution yet.
  • Fixed the issue in running the Stock Movement Report where some scenarios causes it to generate an error.
  • Fixed the issue in the printed inventory work order where the summary shows the value in litres instead of gallons.
  • Trigger metric value rules for values that have less than “<“, greater than “>”, or “ND”. “ND” triggers any “<” or “<=” rule that has a matching metric.
  • Changed operation name of Bulk wine intake to Bulk intake.
  • Fixed the issue where users are unable to complete inventory jobs out of numerical sequence even with permission.
  • Fixed the issue where sorting on the Job management console reverts after opening/closing a work order.
  • On clicking the new button for a barrel group, any text the user may have typed in to the vessel field is passed through to the barrel group.
  • Added rate the following rate units:  Millitres per 1000 Gallons and Pounds per Gallon.
  • Fixed the error on trying to remove a sales order item when there is a refund item linked to the sales item.
  • Manual Journal for a sales order item excise amounts is now dated based on the date of the invoice rather than the date it was approved.
  • Fixed the issue where Stock Item Description label is truncated.
  • Fixed the error in creating a new product in Winery Setup – Manufacturing – Product.
  • Fixed the issue where some fruit intake corrections that force a new parcel batch does not apply the cost to the new parcel batch.

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