HOWTO Change or Delete Charges Recorded On a Service Order

From time to time you may have realised that the charges you raised against an operation in the client billing were incorrect or perhaps should not have been there.

In order to update this you have to find the charge on the Service order in the Client Billing section of Winery Setup. To do this Click on Winery Setup | Billing | Service Orders. Then Click on the Service Order with the charge followed by the Charges Tab.

You can now set the date filter to narrow in on the service charge. Click on


Once you find the charge item click on the description in the Typle column to bring up the details of the charge.

You can Edit the fields you want to change or click the red cross to the right of the charge to delete the item. (Note if you delete here and the item has been sent across to your accounts they will need to update their invoices on their end to match)